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Merecoba is unique. We specialize in France education tours and travel consulting. Unlike other travel companies offering years of travel experience, Merecoba’s founder offers a lifetime of living in France. His travel knowledge includes extensive, unique travel planning for the MBA programs nationwide. Merecoba offers the very best value for your travels in France.

About Baptiste

Born and raised in the French countryside near Lyon, Baptiste is uniquely equipped with a lifetime of living in France. In addition, with his extensive education and experience, he provides a true glimpse into French history, literature, business, and foreign relations, as well as a deep, insightful understanding of la France profonde, with its culture, language and traditions. As a native of France residing in the United States, Baptiste holds dual citizenship. With the launching of Merecoba travel, Baptiste committed himself exclusively to do what he knows best: providing an outstanding value in France travel coupled with unforgettable experiences.


What do we do?

We specialize in group travel for higher education institutions. We also offer travel consulting by email, by Skype or by regular phone. The cost is $75 per hour, which will give you more than enough time to get your questions answered. To set up a travel consulting session, email us at info@merecoba.com and include your plans.

How did Merecoba begin?

After moving to Canada to learn English when Baptiste was 18, he decided to stay in North America to pursue his education. Baptiste received degrees in French Studies from Brigham Young University in Utah and went on to get his MBA. His passion for travel with his wife all over Europe and in his home country showed itself in teaching others about France. His goal is to build cultural bridges to help learners realize that other countries have a lot to offer.

What's your privacy policy?

No commercial use of merecoba.com is permitted. We respect your privacy, protect your information, and do not share your name or contact information with a third party...ever!

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