As an operations management professor, I understand efficient processes and high quality service. Working with Merecoba Travel was effortless as they anticipated our needs for our MBA trip to France and ensured success down to the last detail. The students were given wonderful learning opportunities as well as enhanced cultural experiences. The accommodations were excellent and centrally located. I look forward to the chance to use Merecoba for future MBA trips. The students were pleased with all aspects of the trip. As a trip leader, I appreciated not having to worry about any of the planning as Merecoba had thought of all needed elements before I did.

Alysse Morton, PhD

One of the highest compliments I could give Baptiste was actually given to him by one of my favorite professors in the Westminster MBA program. Professor G. and I were working on a project and he said, "Contact Baptiste about this, he is extremely resourceful and gets things done every time." He is warm and friendly and is one of those people that everybody loves. He is smart, ambitious, and motivated and I would trust him in any professional situation.

Andrew T., MBA 2010

I lead MBA international trips regularly, and I have found Merecoba Travel’s professionalism and conscientiousness to be unparalleled. Because the company's principals understand France’s culture and business environment intimately, we were able to arrange business visits with top notch French companies. Our air, train and bus travel arrangements were carefully planned and well-integrated. The walking tours and museum visits we participated in were superb, and our hotel accommodations were excellent during our tours of France. Overall, Merecoba Travel provided exceptional service and made sure our international trips were superior learning experiences for our students.

Melissa Koerner, PhD

After spending two years in a graduate program studying business, it was easy for me to identify what makes Merecoba successful at what they do. First, Baptiste is extremely well-organized. We were always on time and following the schedule. Second, he speaks the language which made it very easy for us to travel throughout the region. Third, since he personally knows the sites and he has done his research, he was able to lead highly informative and insightful site tours others can't offer. Fourth, he was able to tailor the whole experience to what our group wanted to accomplish. Frankly, I don't think anyone else could have offered the same experience that Merecoba Travel provided!

Nick H., MBA 2012

As an MBA candidate I had several choices for an international context trip, one of which was with Merecoba, LLC. I looked into the different business visits and cities we would visit and quickly realized that the level of detail with which this trip had been planned was far greater than any of the other options. The business visits were fantastic and the city walking tours helped me to see and learn about places I would have never found on my own traveling in France. Merecoba made my MBA program more complete and provided exceptional service from the the day I signed up for the trip to when we landed back home.

Scott C., MBA 2011

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